Pr Kathy Dujardin (en)

Pr Kathy Dujardin (en)


Teaching/Education Director
University of Lille
Lille University Hospital


  • Professor of Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Lille (Lille 2 – Droit et Santé, Medicine), Inserm U1171
  • Neuropsychology specialist, Neurology and Movement Disorders Department, Lille University Medical Center (CHRU Lille)
  • Program Director, Master degree in Biology and Health Sciences, University of Lille (in charge of the health sector)
  • Deputy director of the VASCOG Hospital-University Federation, in charge of education
  • Member of the Lille Centre of Excellence in Neurodegenerative Disorders board, LiCEND


My work is focused on the cognitive and behavioral functions of the basal ganglia. I have clinical and research expertise on cognitive (attention and executive functions) and behavioral (apathy, anxiety, impulse control disorders) dysfunctions related to Parkinson’s disease and other basal ganglia disorders.