Lille FHU-VasCog

FHU VasCog project

With increased life expectancy and the “baby boomers” aging peak, the prevalence of cognitive impairments (CI) including major cognitive impairment (thereafter called “dementia”) will double in the next two decades, leading to a major health, social and economic burden. Most cases of CI will be related to pure and mixed forms of Alzheimer and vascular cognitive diseases. While the impact of vascular and metabolic risk factors on Cognitive impairments is well recognized, the knowledge of the pathological mechanisms, the predictive outcomes and the best therapies for vascular cognitive disorders are yet to be better defined.

The FHU VasCog project is a federative translational research project involving the clinicians and researchers from the Lille University hospital and the University of Lille to develop new knowledge on the vascular and metabolic risk factors leading to cognitive discorders and to propose new preventive and therapeutical strategies to overcome such risks.


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